Belfast, Its Own Corner of Ireland

Belfast, Ireland has become the main attraction for tourists from all over the woRelated imagerld. While the country itself provides glorious scenery and a rich heritage and history, Belfast has a story of its own to tell. An ancient history, sumptuous traditional cuisine and friendly, hospitable people is what draws the crowds like a moth to a flame. Summer in Belfast and the accompanying weather is an attractive destination for any traveller and more will be hitting the shores during the course of the season. A vast number of cruise ships are expected to drop anchor and let the guests out to explore.

Ships Ahoy

July 22 is the due date for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth which is predicted to bring closure on 2000 visitors to the island, followed closely by the Royal Princess on 29 July and her eager guest count of 3500. Travellers from far and wide are raring to take in the sights, sounds and aromas of a country that serves up so much and in particular, a city that defines Ireland completely. Spectacular views of rolling, green hills and marble-like outcrops are littered, glistening across the natural landscapes, castles are waiting to be explored and their secrets revealed and then there is the city life in the middle of Belfast that holds places of high entertainment value.

Visitors Far Afield

Visitors to Belfast come from every corner of the world to experience the Irish lifestyle, Germany, Norway, British Columbia and the USA all feature among the guests. While many are in the region to experience the culinary delights and delicious seafood dishes, others are more interested in the architecture of Belfast. A blend of old dilapidated building and new, modern ones creates a usual contrast effect. The warmth and welcoming feeling make this a home away from home. Titanic Museum is one of the attractions that many of the visitors enjoy for the history and culture it divulges.