Every bride and groom look forward to the time when they get to go away and leave everything else behind. Image result for Northern hemisphereWhether it is the first or second honeymoon, it has to be special and romantic. What’s better than getting the opportunity to view nature’s greatest phenomenon, the Northern lights? This is an incredible opportunity for those who love winter vacations. The lights can only be seen in the coldest season in the Northern hemisphere. The show is like a play of colour above you that is also mirrored in the snow below.

The Best Spots to View Them

It is possible to go home without having seen them. In order to make certain this doesn’t happen to you and your partner, you need to know where best to find them. The first place is Co. Donegal said to be the best place to see them because it is all the way North. Banba’s Crown is where you need to plant yourself with a flask of something tasty and hot. The next best place is in Tory Island Donegal, this spot is very isolated with unpredictable weather. But, you should expect to see the Aurora Borealis in Dùn Bhaloir. It is all worth it for one the best shows in Nature.

The Perfect Holiday Experience for Two

This can be the perfect getaway for you two. The sites where you are going to view the lights are rich in history and mythological importance. The chase for the lights is another adventure on its own, like finding treasure together. This can be a really amazing experience for your relationship. To better help, you track the lights down the people of the town follow feeds from certain Twitter accounts. You and your partner can benefit from following similar accounts, you will know when to be at certain spots. It will be like touring Ireland and learning about the beautiful places while you await nightfall to experience Aurora Borealis.