Borris House sheds light on some of Ireland’s finest historical structures and shows visiting guests the intricacies of the architecture found in the older building. It is described as a Gothic Tudor Mansion in its best form, and is said to borrow its features from a 15th-century castle, and then modelling itself into an 18th-century house. The Mansion is found in Carlow’s Borris Village across the Step House Hotel. Due to its unique appearance, it is one of the Ireland’s landmark architectural structures which open its doors to visiting guests every year, with private tours offered to groups of the House.

The History of Borris House

The Borris House Mansion is said to have been the home of the MacMorrough Kavanaghs family who was Kings of Leinster reigning over 42 years. The Mansion was their primary home in the 1500’s where their taste for Baroque inspired landscapes was originally sculpted, also evident in the interior designs of the house. Morgan MacMorrough who is the current descendant of the family is said to share family stories of the different modelling the house went through to accommodate changing styles in architecture. Besides tours open to the public, the family does share an Anglican Sunday service a tradition started by Morgan’s grandmother.

The Activities at Borris House

Borris House shares its different garden features with public and traces of its rich history. The gardens include a fairy trail for the children to enjoy which similarly to the Lace Garden, has a selection of flowers cleverly planted to create different palettes throughout. The trails also include educational activities with activity booklets around lessons of the different trees and flowers found in the garden. Visitors also learn about the family history and their role in Ireland through a tour indoors. To book a visit, it is advised to book online as the Mansion is only open at certain times of the year.