“Winter is coming.” And it will do so in a number of variations. From a 40 minute drive from Belfast to a musical experience that spans all across the globe from Ireland to Toronto. Going on a tour themed on the HBO show is a great way to spend 3 hours through expeditions that include tours through Westeros and Essos. From Giants Causeway to cruise ship trips modeled after the unforgettable show. The facilities available on land and at sea make for a truly an unforgettable experience reImage result for Game Of Thrones Tourgardless of whether you’re a fan or someone interested in a new adventure during your holiday.

Winterfell Castle

A tour of the set where most of the filming of the popular show, from Carlow to Belfast. With picturesque vistas provided by Ireland’s geography. Inside the castle walls, you’re able to experience as many as 20 locations that were used for filming while enjoying a bicycle ride to and fro between the different sets. The courtyard is ideal to practise some archery in the same spots Jon Snow and Bran Stark stood while they did their thing against White Walkers. With events starting from as little as 35 euro and the option of private tours to make your Game of Thrones experience a unique one.

GOT Live Concert Experience

Build it and they will come, a quote from the movie field of dreams can be best personified by composer Ramin Djwadi back in 2016. With the assistance of an 80-piece orchestra and choir was able to provide an enthralling show the performed the highlights of the series musical score. Spectators are treated to the liberty of more than one stage, each named after a specific location from the GOT series. From the 8th May to the 14th June the tour will grace the shores of Europe before heading to North America from the 5th September till the 14th October.