Every person needs to see a real castle at least once in their lifetime. If you are vacationing in Ireland this could be the perfect opportunity to see the Huntington Castle. Referred to as Ireland’s hidden treasure, this magnificent structure was built in the 17th century. It is home to the original builders’ descendants, that could explain how it is still maintained so well. If you want to have a day in the life of a king and queen, you have the option of sleeping there like you would at a B&B. Waking up in a castle will definitely have you feeling like royalty.

You Can Bring The Kids Along

This excursion is meant for the entire family. There will be activities that your little ones can take part in while you are there. There’s a Woodland Adventure Playground where kids can play and run around to their satisfaction. They will also get to see and interact with the animals. There are sheep, baby lambs and calves which are part of the farm, baby lambs can only be seen during Easter. After all the outdoor fun you can take the kids to the tearoom for snacks. Then the gift shop may have some toys or souvenirs that can keep the fun going for the little ones.

BookingImage result for Special Dayss For Those Special Days

Guided tours are great and all, but nothing beats having the event of a lifetime there. You can book to have your wedding on the castle grounds, can you imagine the pictures? The backdrop of the rose gardens or the yew trees would add that special touch. You just have to make contact with the managers to find out how you can make your ultimate dream come true. There are other significant holidays that guests can enjoy at the castle too. Such as Easter, Halloween and family filled Christmas, nothing wrong with adding a twist to how you normally celebrate them.