Kinsale – No Longer A Potato Nation

The man of French origin, Chef Olivier Queva will hardly ever be found in his kitchen by day. He is more likely to be founding scouring the region around his hometown in Ireland for herbs that are fresh or succulents to add flavour to his meals for the night. If you don’t catch a glimpse of him among the hedgerows you are sure to find him in the waters of the icy Celtic Sea where he enjoys a spot of spearfishing. His antics often produce fresh fish for the serving that night.

Cuisine Past Lacking

While in the past Irish Cuisine was more widely known for its association with overcooked vegetRelated imageables, boiled bacon and far too many potatoes at each meal, times have certainly changed. The country is one the most agriculturally rich and the nation has learned to reap what they sow, literally. It is the fresh produce that has formed a huge part of Irish cuisine and made every meal a memorable occasion. Mushrooms, oysters, greens, beef cattle, fish and cheese are all locally sourced. While the activity has kept the economics of Kinsale it has also boosted the atmosphere in the city.

Location, Location, Location

Kinsale is perfectly located to attract a wide and varied array of travellers and adventure seekers. Restaurants in the area have been committed to local produce for years and while they do admit dealing with a number of suppliers can become quite complicated, you do get to know each on a personal level. The suppliers are quick to offer advice on what’s good to purchase at any given time. Restaurant owners are assured that they are always serving the freshest, tastiest meals possible. The friendly community, colourful shops and arty cafes draws throngs of people to the red exterior of Max’s. This is where you will find Chef Olivier Queva in the evenings, producing culinary treasures with his horde from the day.