From beaches to cliffs and even a mountain or two. This adventure on the road has a small bit of everything on offer for visitors to enjoy. The Wild Atlantic Way is a piece of tarred road that’s accompanied by scenery from Donegals Northern Highlands, down to the Southern Peninsula that provides a different level of natural and historical wonder to explore. From quirky places to eat like the Bulman Bar, renowned for their culinary dishes to the Old Head of Kinsale, which offers sea views like no other. There’s always something to do and somewhere to stop to take it all in.

2500 km and Then Some

With 2500 km of road to drive along Ireland’s cost, the Wild Atlantic Way is able to provide a different perspective to experiencing the culture and geography of Ireland. With proper planning and an entire week cleared from the calendar, you can experience 8 nights on Europe’s third largest island from as little as 500 Euros per person sharing. Regardless of whether your stay is in or out of the holiday season, one thing remains the same and that’s an enjoyable tour that offers bed and breakfast and a complimentary B-segment car (Eg; Ford Fiesta) during the duration of your stay.

Unearth New Wonders

As Ireland’s only long-distance driving route, it means that your stay can be filled with nice little Easter eggs during Image result for Patrick's Cathedralyour holiday. The most obvious of these treats is being able to frequent attractions like St Patrick’s Cathedral and the national gallery. Switching between miles and kilometres as the distance covered moves from the mainland to the north, where different metric systems are in place. Visitors are able to unearth hidden gems that are mostly enjoyed by the locals. Be it from the food or the views. This really is an unforgettable way to enjoy the longest coastal route in the world.