The Chocolate Garden of Ireland is found in Carlow in Leinster Province on Rath, Tullow. It is a children’s dream, and the adults’ nostalgia discovered through its tours where you can see how the delicacy is made, and also try some of its famous handmade chocolates, ice creams and hot chocolate. Besides watching and fulfilling the desires of a sweet toothed nature, you can enjoy a chocolate making activity in group visits with the kids, or simply bring the kids in for an outdoor picnic adventure where they can also enjoy fun in the play area built for them.

The History of the Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Factory is a family business run by the Healy family, established in the year 2001. The family prides itself on making handmade chocolates amongst many other chocolate inspired delicacies which include waffles, ice creams, as well as sorbets. The family also explores gluten free treats with its ethos being in creating natural ingredients without compromising on taste. This unique take on their production also filtered into other aspects of the business and saw them opening their experience to the public offering activities to the young through school educational tours, and also the old as entertainment to pensioners groups.

The Activities at the Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden’s popularity has made it one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions for its tours offered to all age groups. The Garden is also known to guest coffee connoisseurs, and also offers activities around creating your own coffee and chocolate blends. The Garden is open Mondays to Saturdays from 11-5pm, and is also open on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm. To take part in the adventure, and to discover your own treat there, the website offers telephonic information and also a query form if you would like to be contacted. Due to guest volumes, it is advised to make contact beforehand.