Carlow’s Delta Sensory Gardens is known for its plant features, garden furniture buys, and equipment in the home to go with these hobbies. The establishment is found in one of Carlow’s industrial estates known as Strawhall and is known for its history as an intellectual disabilities person centre created for them with the ideals of peace and tranquility. The Delta Sensory Gardens is also known to host different events in the year and is open to the public Mondays to Friday’s weekdays and hosts everyone from the young to the old, able and disabled to group visitors.

The History of Delta Sensory Gardens

The Delta Sensory Gardens were created with the mind of being a facility where the disabled could retreat in a peaceful environment and enjoy the beauty of nature. This prompted a 6-year long project with the help of designers Gordon Ledbetter, Rachel Doyle, Elma Fenton and Paul Martin who designed different areas of sensory experiences for the community in Carlow. The Gardens have received a range of accolades including a finalist award in 2018 from the Irish Hospitality Awards. The Gardens are also heralded for their unique creation of an oasis outside of the noisy expectations of conventional entertainment.

The Activities at Delta Sensory Gardens

The Delta Sensory Gardens now offer a variety of entertainment offers to the public. These range from a simple visit to tour the gardens, and enjoying the cafe menu, while its more scenic parts are open to couples wanting to have their wedding days. The Gardens also have a craft shop with a variety of plants for you to choose from, and you can also pick the brains of their horticulturists for planting tips and information if you wish to create your own such garden. There are also events to attend throughout the year, and a small fee paid for entrance.