Sometimes you want to go back in time before cars were the means of travel. A time when a horse and carriage ride was the way things were done. Fortunately, this is still possible for those who are enjoying their honeymoon in Ireland. You can take your lover on a horse and carriage ride to Ross Castle if you are keen on turning the romance level up a notch. You will pass through some places that will educate you about Irish culture on this calm and peaceful tour. It will be like experiencing everything that occurred in the past firsthand.

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The entire objective of being inside a carriage is calmness. You will not be in an overly busy area, there will be no noisy interruptions. That is good for two lovers who are trying to connect and enjoy each other’s company. The ride goes to St Mary’s Cathedral first to charm you about stories of folklore and legend. Thereafter you have whisked away to Killarney National Park which is said to be magnificent and historically rich. Last but not least Ross Castle, a walk through 15th century Ireland.

Up Close And Personal In The Castle

Being inside the carriage does not mean you don’t get to get off to view things up close. You will be free to walk about, there is a lake near the castle that you will be able to get close to. Every trip requires some refreshments and restroom breaks. There is a coffee shop that forms part of the castle facilities, for beverages and restrooms are also inside. There are many ways you can make this tour happen. The best way is to speak to your travel agent about what you really want to see. They can find a way to get you a package that best suits your finances and still guarantees you this awe-inspired carriage tour.